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Patient referrals by searchable member database and geographic location

As an IAFS member, you’ll be included in our “Find a Podiatrist” search took, which connects you to fellow physicians as well as prospective patients. 

Discount on IAFS courses

IAFS hosts yearly events with a focus on expanding member practices and providing better patient experiences. Many of our members come from around the world, enabling our members to widen their perspectives.

Access to the IAFS.com Q&A forum

We provide our members with an internal forum where they can ask other members questions. We find the forum to be especially helpful in fostering a community where IAFS members can stay connected and share perspective on challenges consistently faced in podiatry. 

Ability to post questions with a response from our doctors within 3 business days

Our goal is to provide IAFS members with access to tools that help them be better at what they do. This is why we've provided our members with the means to receive answers to questions from our team of physicians. 

Discount on IAFS products

You'll receive member pricing on Training DVDs, podiatry courses, seminars, head to toe beauty products, and brochures for procedures like Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Foot Facials, and Sculptra & Restylane: “Pillows for Your Feet.”

Member-exclusive education content on IAFS.com

Our member portal provides professional, research-backed, proprietary content about podiatry procedures like platelet-rich plasma, “The Loub Job,” Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy, as well as many others mentioned below. 

Newsletter on IAFS.com

Get access to our recurring newsletter, featuring information on the latest in cosmetic podiatry

Proprietary educational videos

We want to ensure that our members have access to learning resources in the style they prefer to learn. This is why we create training videos about our procedures to complement written resources. 


Personalized instruction in the procedures patients request most.

It’s challenging to find reputable procedure training for an affordable price. Our members have exclusive access to courses run by some of the best professionals in the podiatry field.

“Dr. Levine, you have truly been an inspiration to me and I so appreciate your efforts to elevate your profession and share your knowledge...I would highly recommend your workshop to anyone wanting to add aesthetic medicine to their podiatry practice.” 


Courses and content created by Dr. Levine, an experienced cosmetic podiatrist who’s invented procedures used around the world.

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democratize medical expertise. 

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